The Archdiocesan Manuscript Collections contain records of numerous Archdiocesan offices and organizations, significant events in the Archdiocese’s history, and parishes and schools in the Archdiocese. Also included here are collections of official and extant correspondence and other records of Philadelphia’s bishops and archbishops.

Some finding aids are item-level inventories. The best way to find what you are looking for is to do a keyword search using the “Find” option (Ctrl + F).

1979 Pope John Paul II Visit, 1979 (MC 82) [1.575 linear feet, 4 boxes, 3 bound photo volumes]

41st International Eucharistic Congress, 1976 (MC 80) [49.125 linear feet, 131 boxes] finding aid

Archdiocesan Superintendent of Schools records (McDevitt & Bonner), 1940-1960 (MC 81) [15.05 linear feet, 40 boxes, 2 bound volumes]

Archdiocesan Superintendent of Schools records, 1890-1932 (MC 92) [9.6 linear feet, 23 boxes] finding aid

Consultors’ Files, Archdiocese of Philadelphia, 1895-1958 (MC 94) [3.50 linear feet, 14 bound volumes]

Consultors’ Files, Diocese of Allentown (PA), 1920-1972 (MC 85) [3.00 linear feet, 8 boxes]

Council of Priests, Archdiocese of Philadelphia, 1967-1982 (MC 83) [5.25 linear feet, 14 boxes]

Parish Boundaries & Sites, Archdiocese of Philadelphia, 1917-1952 (MC 95) [0.75 linear feet, 3 bound volumes]

Parish Files, Archdiocese of Philadelphia, 1920-1979 (MC 84) [18.375 linear feet, 49 boxes]

Bishops’ Papers

The bishops’ papers that are available to researchers have finding aids that are available online as PDFs. It should be noted that post-1920 materials are closed to researchers except by permission. Contact the CHRC staff for instructions on how to request access. For the bishops’ papers, we suggest searching the inventory before requesting permission. The more specific the request, the more likely that access will be granted.

Conwell, Most Rev. Henry, 1820-1842 (MC 71) [0.1875 linear feet, 1/2 box] finding aid

Dougherty, Cardinal Dennis Joseph, 1918-1851 (MC 78) [78.75 linear feet, 210 boxes]  finding aid

Egan, Most Rev. Michael, O.S.F., 1808-1812 (MC 70) [0.1875 linear feet, 1/2 box] finding aid

Kenrick, Most Rev. Francis Patrick, 1821-1861 (MC 72) [0.75 linear feet, 2 boxes] finding aid

Kenrick, Most Rev. Francis Patrick, 1849-1863 (MC 73) [0.25 linear feet, 1 bound volume]

Neumann, Most Rev. John Nepomucene., C.Ss.R., 1846-1860 (MC 74) [0.375 linear feet, 1 box]  finding aid

O’Hara, Cardinal John Francis, C.S.C., 1951-1960 (MC 79) [21.0 linear feet, 56 boxes] finding aid

Prendergast, Most Rev. Edmond Francis, 1906-1917 (MC 77) [3.75 linear feet, 10 boxes] finding aid

Ryan, Most Rev. Patrick John, 1866-1934 (MC 76) [5.25 linear feet, 14 boxes] finding aid

Wood, Most. Rev. James, 1813-1883 (MC 75) [4.125 linear feet, 11 boxes] finding aid

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