Research Request Forms

Archdiocesan baptismal and marriage records prior to the year 1919 are available through FindMyPast. Records from 1920-1945 can be obtained through the CHRC. All records after 1945 must be obtained from the individual parishes including those in the city of Philadelphia and the surrounding counties of Bucks, Chester, Delaware, and Montgomery.

CHRC has the admission records for three boys’ orphanages: St. John’s Orphan Asylum (Dec. 1845 through May 1970), St. Joseph’s House for Homeless Boys (July 26, 1904-April 22, 1940), St. Francis’ Industrial School in Eddington (July 17, 1888-June 15, 1970) as well as St Vincent’s Tacony (1892-1994), which housed both boys and girls. We will  conduct research for these records. Only records prior to 1930 can be searched for genealogical purposes. Records after 1930 can only be obtained by the person the record pertains to and requires a photo I.D. to obtain a copy of the record. 

CHRC has some school records, mainly report cards, for three parochial schools: St. Teresa of Avila, St. Peter Claver, and St. Philip Neri. We also have records for schools administered by the Sisters of the Blessed Sacrament. Please contact CHRC staff  for more information.

CHRC does not hold the following records: death, burial, funeral, confirmation, and communion. There are two exceptions. CHRC does have some death records for Old St. Mary and Holy Trinity.

Researchers interested in orphanage records for genealogical purposes should fill out a request form, indicating an approximate date for the child’s admission. CHRC will also search for baptismal and marriage records prior to 1917.

Complete the records request form and return with your payment of a $20 check to CHRC. 

There is no fee for a church requirement request, which is for those needing to track down their own record for church related event, example: needing a baptismal record for a marriage (Should be noted that we do not certify the records nor do we have the originals, those would be held by the parish)

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