Josephine Walsh (center) on her way to Europe, July 1900

A “petulant girl”?: Josephine Walsh’s diaries

I’ve been volunteering at PAHRC this summer, and am currently creating an inventory for two artificial collections: “handwritten manuscripts” and “manuscripts books.” It appears that many of the items in these collections were removed from manuscript collections.For instance, many of the items that I’ve come across were created by Josephine

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Portrait photograph of Robert M. O'Reilly, circa 1870

A lengthy and active military career

I recently finished processing the Robert M. O'Reilly papers (MC 34) which document a good portion of O'Reilly's career as a surgeon for the U.S. Army. O'Reilly's appointment as surgeon general of the army, a position he held from 1902 until  his retirement in 1909, was the last in a

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Redpath’s Illustrated Weekly: a rare find

In late 1879, James Redpath looking for a project that would both interest him and provide a living. For 25 years Redpath had a varied career as an abolitionist, reporter, publisher, lobbyist, superintendent of schools in the reconstruction south, social activist and entertainment mogul. Redpath had sold his Lyceum booking

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Digitizing the Halvey Photograph Collection, Step One

As a volunteer at PAHRC, I’ve been most excited about beginning the process of reformatting the Robert and Teresa Halvey Photograph Collection. Currently in the inventory cataloging stages, the ultimate goal is to digitize the entire collection and make the images available online. For over sixty years, Robert Halvey served

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