Cartoonists were quick to point out the mistreatment and constraint that people suffered at the hands of communism.

Wolf, “Better Lock the Door,” April 9, 1954

Wolf objects to the inclusion of China in the United Nations because of their history of human rights abuses.

Wolf, “Peaceful Coexistence,” September 10, 1954

Concerned with the expansion of communism, the United States continued to pursue a policy of containment. Many believed that the Soviet Union existence threatened the safety and freedoms of mankind.

Knudsen, “Saigon or Bust,” May 18, 1972

With the establishment of communism in Eastern Europe and Korea, Knudsen highlights that its forces will accept nothing but total victory in Vietnam.

Knudsen, “From Out of the Depths,” November 9, 1972

Despite the suppression of religion in the Warsaw Pact countries, Catholicism in Poland not only survived but thrived as many Poles saw their religion as a way to oppose communism.

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