Bil Keane (1922-2011)

Family Circus by Philadelphia native, Bil Keane, is the most widely syndicate cartoon panel in the world. Keane was a member of St. William Parish and attended Northeast Catholic High School. As a Catholic, Keane would often incorporate Catholic themes and settings revolving around a family with four small children. These cartoons reveal a lighthearted nature that is able to find humor in aspects of Catholic life, such as children getting the words wrong to prayers. Cartoons were published predominantly in The Catholic Standard and Times from the 1980s to the 2000s.

Keane, "I Told the Principal," September 7, 1989

Keane, "Mommy! They're Makin'," September 21, 2000

Keane, "I Can Hardly Wait," November 29, 1984

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