Modern Pro-Catholic Comics


Some secular presses have found inspiration in Catholic figures and have drawn positive comics about them. Catholic presses have seen the value of comics and used them for religious education.

Marvel Comics

In stark contrast with Nast, other cartoonists portray Catholics in a positive and heroic light. An unlikely promoter of Catholicism was Marvel Comics, which published a series of comic books focusing on the lives of influential Catholics. Published in the 1980s, Marvel would team up with Catholic writers in order to produce stories on religious figures.

Francis: Brother of the Universe, (1980)

Here, the cartoonist presents Francis as an almost superhero, who he alone can rebuild the Catholic Church. The comic follows his entire life with moments like Francis receiving the stigmata drawn as if he is receiving superpowers.

The Life of Pope John Paul II, (1982)

This comic on the life of Pope John Paul II proudly declares on the cover that it includes his assassination attempt. This highlights the strange relationship that had a secular organization trying to sensationalize the lives of Catholics.

Mother Teresa of Calcutta, (1984)

The comic has a fictional reporter follow the life of Saint Teresa. This was the last of the Catholic themed Marvel Comics. While only three issues were published, it is important because it shows the public’s willingness to engage with Catholic stories.

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