Prague Spring

On the evening of August 20, 1968, the Soviet Union invaded Czechoslovakia. The invasion put an end to the Prague Spring, a series of political and economic reforms that attempted to create "communism with a human face."
Editorial cartoons from The Catholic Standard and Times were quick to condemn the invasion, highlighting the suppression of the Czech and Slovak peoples.

McGovern, “Flower that Blooms in the Spring,” May, 3, 1968

Even before the invasion, many feared that like a weed the Soviets would kill off any reforms before they had time to blossom.

McGovern, “Return to Normalcy,” August 30, 1968

With the Soviets in charge of the country, they overturned the earlier reforms with a period of “normalization.” McGovern equates this normalcy with the oppression of the Czechs.

McGovern, “Who’s Next,” September 6, 1968

McGovern questions which communist country the Soviet Union would invade next in order to impose its version of communism.

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